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Letters of Recommendation

To Future Clients of Carol Herlihy

I have known Carol over 10 years.  I met her through a friend, who at the time, was a very busy and harried executive, and never had time to organize her apartment.  She had many lovely things but many of them were in storage because she never had time to put them where she envisioned.  This is where Carol came in.  She organized my friend’s apartment, incorporated the treasures that had accumulated and took them out of storage, and found homes for the things that no longer served a purpose.  My friend had told me about her for years, “Carol did this, Carol did that”, and it wasn’t until I came to the same point, that I called for Carol’s help.  She organized my home office, finding many efficient solutions, and made my work environment more meaningful.  She organizes closets and kitchens and in addition, paints walls, repairs, travels to the consignments stores and thrift shops to shed the unwanted things and at the end of the day, you wonder why you didn’t hire her years before.  I always told myself I could do it myself.  The truth was, I didn’t have time and eventually I started living with the clutter and messiness and it was depressing.  She knows what to do.  And the bonus, she is a lovely, dependable woman.  I am just sorry she moved to California because I could really use her now!

Susan Faux-Lewis


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15 May 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Re. Carol Herlihy

This letter is intended to pass on my enthusiastic appreciation for the extraordinary help  Carol Herlihy was to me during my recent move to the Boston area after more than 50 years in an apartment in New York City.  If Carol had not been on hand and so totally committed, it could never have happened!

The task of “clearing the clutter,” which is Carol’s company name, was absolutely over-whelming after so many years and I was able to do almost nothing myself because of poor health.  What was so wonderful was that Carol is so clearly a self-starter, so whether I was “with it” or not, she kept the task going until we met the move date beautifully with everything so well prepared that unpacking was far easier than anyone expected.

A number of the items we were shipping were prized heirlooms, art that was very precious for me, as well as a number of very fragile items that had to be skillfully  protected.  Carol’s wrapping was so exceptional it impressed even the professional crew hired for the move!

Not only was Carol so well equipped for the many tasks involved, but her dedication, accommodation, and personal commitment to the job, and to helping me and my family through it, was remarkable.

In every way, we had a most positive experience with Clear the Clutter with Carol and we are very pleased to provide this recommendation for others so they too can benefit from her services and involvement.


Myril Bennett

Newton MA

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To Whom It May Concern:

Ms. Herlihy is a most remarkable woman. She is calm, collected, pleasing to work with and extremely efficient. She is very through in assessing the individual needs of a client, as to their time frame requirements, deadlines, storage and sorting needs and determination of costs.

As I was able to work only on weekends, in preparation for a complete restoration of my Manhattan-Chelsea apartment, Ms. Herlihy worked with me over a six-month period. She directed me in the reduction and reorganization of business papers, books, periodicals, clothing and a very large amount of quilting fabric.

She is very experienced in the arts of appropriate packaging for antique china, glassware, silver, pottery and other delicate items.

She taught me a great deal about basic organization, which I am now practicing as I move back into a completely renovates apartment. I now consult with her by telephone and email.


Elissa Lane

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To Whom it May Concern,

I have known Carol Herlihy for over 25 years, both professionally and as a friend. She worked for me at my Restaurant and was a devoted and faithful employee back in the 80’s. She always put her all into any project she took on. She took a kitchen of total Chaos and organized it into a clean, mean, working machine. She saved my life back in those days when I had not a clue on how to put it all together.

A decade later she came to my home, when I had children and worked full time, and simplified my life. She attacked my again chaotic life and organized my “crap”. Smooth runnings once more. She takes a small living space and transforms it into one that houses all your personal belongings in the proper manner. She is a miracle worker. When you meet Carol you will  notice her positive energy, passion, and concern for you needs.  She is reliable and honest and just what you need to get your life back in order. You can’t go wrong hiring her today!!



Nancy Reeder


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